Point of Contact:

The following individual has been designated as the primary point of contact for academic and financial advising, including access to disability counseling, to assist Servicemembers with the completion of studies and with job search activities:

Lucette Bredt
Associate Dean, Student Financial Aid & Veteran Services


This individual will serve as the point of contact for Servicemembers seeking information about available, appropriate academic counseling, financial aid counseling, and student support services. This individual has a basic understanding of the military tuition assistance program, ED Title IV funding, education benefits offered by the VA, and familiarity with services available to assist Service members. This individual is not exclusively dedicated to providing these services and, as appropriate, may refer the Servicemember to other individuals with an ability to provide these services, both on- and off-campus.

Access to Financial Aid Advisor:

Before offering, recommending, arranging, signing up, dispersing, or enrolling Service members for direct student loans, Central Texas College will provide Service members access to a financial aid advisor who will make available appropriate loan counseling, including, but not limited to: (1) Providing a clear and complete explanation of available financial aid, including Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended; (2) Describing the differences between subsidized and unsubsidized federal student loans to include terms, conditions, repayment and forgiveness options (Central Texas College does not participate in Private Lending); (3) Disclosing the College’s student loan Cohort Default Rate (CDR), the percentage of its students who borrow, and how its CDR compares to the national average; and (4) Explaining that students have the ability to refuse all or borrow less than the maximum student loan amount allowed.

CTC Student Loan Cohort Default Rate:

Central Texas College’s student loan 2019 Cohort Default Rate (CDR) as provided by the Department of Education on September 29, 2022, was 2.9% compared to the National Average CDR of 2.3%. The percentage of CTC students who borrowed was 3.53.

Central Texas College






Default rate 2.9% 12.3% 18.5%
Number in default 29 110 195
Number in repayment 997 893 1,054

For further information on default rates please visit the Cohort Default Rate Home Page. This school's six-digit OPE ID is 004003.

Military Students

State & Federal money intended to help students meet the cost of attendance.

Money borrowed through the government loan programs. 

Gift aid awarded by the CTC Foundation Office or outside organizations.

State & Federal program that allows students to earn a portion of their educational expenses through part-time employment.

  • If you are trying to budget for the upcoming school year, check out the estimated cost of attendance (COA) for the specific academic year. More...
  • Information is available regarding military educational benefits, Selective Service registration compliance, veteran benefits and vocational rehabilitation (Texas campuses only). More...
  • A consortium agreement is a contract between two colleges/universities that recognizes your registration at each location for financial aid purposes. More...

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