Students attending a University occasionally require lower-level courses that are not offered at the University. In this case, a student for financial aid purposes may enroll simultaneously at Central Texas College and the University from which you plan to graduate and receive your degree. In order to utilize financial aid in this process of simultaneous enrollment, a student must complete a Consortium Agreement.

A Consortium Agreement is a contract between two institutions that recognizes your registration at each location for financial aid purposes. Central Texas College will always be considered the "HOST" school and the other University will be the "HOME" school. In all cases, Consortium Agreements must be started with the "Home" school and are subject to approval by both the "Home" and "Host" institution's authorized financial aid staff.

It also certifies that only "Home" institutions can administer Title IV and/or State financial aid. Students will NOT BE ENTITLED to any financial aid through Central Texas College because their financial aid must be processed by their "Home" school. However, students may be entitled to additional aid from their "Home" school to offset the cost of Tuition & Fees incurred at the "Host" School. 

Therefore, students will be responsible for any tuition and fees accrued at Central Texas College, and most institutions, including Texas A&M-Central Texas, will require proof of payment to be submitted with the agreement. 

Veteran's Education and Hazlewood Benefits can be used at BOTH institutions and may be able to assist with upfront costs. For assistance with Veteran's Education Benefits please visit your "Home" institution's Veteran Services department. Hazlewood Benefits will be processed at each institution.

For students interested in completing a Consortium Agreement with Central Texas College, please follow the steps that your "Home" school requires for consortium agreements.

PLEASE NOTE: Texas A&M-Central Texas processes consortium agreements digitally and more information can be found here regarding eligibility and submittal processes. 

Texas A&M-Central Texas Consortium Agreement Eligibility Requirements

Texas A&M-Central Texas Consortium Agreement Form and Instructions



Consortium Agreements

State & Federal money intended to help students meet the cost of attendance.

Money borrowed through the government loan programs. 

Gift aid awarded by the CTC Foundation Office or outside organizations.

State & Federal program that allows students to earn a portion of their educational expenses through part-time employment.

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  • A consortium agreement is a contract between two colleges/universities that recognizes your registration at each location for financial aid purposes. More...

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